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Complete Family Office (CFO)SM

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A challenge in managing significant wealth and your family legacy is ensuring that your finances and life goals (family, career/business, personal) are aligned with your family vision and values within a simplified and integrated financial management framework that can be sustained over multiple generations. Without this critical alignment, financial decisions are little more than isolated actions that may not get you any closer to achieving what matters to you and your family members.

Diverse Experience and Expertise Required

The solution is not a single advisor approach, but rather an experienced team that brings a diverse range of talent and expertise to the coordination of all aspects of your financial picture, from cash flow management to healthcare, mortgages, business planning, charitable initiatives, intergenerational planning, education needs, tax and estate planning, and sophisticated investment strategies.

A Dedicated Advocate for Your Family

The Planned Financial Services Complete Family Office team:

  • Helps you put a focused and strategic approach in place designed to ensure all aspects of your family finances and wealth are coordinated in a manner that actively pursues the unique goals you set forth for your family.
  • Serves as an objective advocate for the family as a whole when family dynamics are such that personalities conflict.
  • Works to ensure the next generation is properly equipped to carry on the family’s goals and legacy, and doesn’t misuse what has been accumulated to date.
  • Leads the team of family advisors in an effective, efficient manner in pursuing your required outcomes, simplifying your life and providing you with more time to spend on the other important aspects of your life.

Why Choose Planned Financial Services CFO as Your Family Financial Steward?

As your dedicated financial steward and Personal CFOTM, your Complete Family Office team provides careful coordination and supervision of generational planning, investments, education, insurance, tax planning, business succession, philanthropy and cash management.

For more than two decades, our Complete Family Office team has provided the proactive leadership affluent families require in pursuing important financial and life goals. As independent advisors and fiduciaries, our team always puts your needs first, helping you and family members in gaining clarity, and helping to improve your overall Return on Life®. Your Complete Family Office team provides high-touch, personalized service through:

  • A focused, custom approach based on your needs and your values, not just the value of your assets
  • Personalized advice from your dedicated Personal CFOTM
  • Collaborative implementation with your other professional advisors, incorporating the best thinking and ideas from all parties
  • Confidential implementation and delivery of services providing privacy, confidence, and well-being

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