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Planned Financial Services was founded in 1994 to provide answers, insight and direction to those who are passionate about capturing a true Return on Life®. As financial stewards, Planned Financial Services serves as our clients’ financial change agents. This will always be a constant in our relationships. They depend on and trust us to have their financial backs. As our experienced team helps them achieve the various milestones along the path to their desired futures, Planned Financial Services becomes woven into the fabric of their lives.

Clients today are increasingly overwhelmed with information and decisions, despite the technological advances meant to simplify their lives. Our ability to make the complex simple and clear, and to provide objective and actionable advice are critical components in developing and maintaining relationships built on mutual respect and trust. Clients respect and appreciate our commitment to tell them what they need to know, not simply what they want to hear. Our ability and willingness to take on any financial challenge they face has resulted in earning inordinately high levels of trust from our clients. Throughout each client engagement, Planned Financial Services seeks to:

  • Lead by Example
  • Do What We Say
  • Improve Continually
  • Go Beyond the Ask to Exceed Expectations
  • Do the Right Thing

Planned Financial Services Seeks to Make a Difference

By attracting top industry talent and investing in their careers, Planned Financial Services created a team that performs together seamlessly to accomplish whatever is needed to provide timely, insightful, and accurate guidance to help our clients in any situation. The only mandate is to care about our clients, their challenges, and their assets like our own.

  • If Planned Financial Services cannot solve a client problem directly, we will find someone who can.
  • Planned Financial Services is committed to seeking out the right solution for each client.
  • As fee-based advisors, Planned Financial Services advisors are not financially motivated by transaction fees and commissions.
  • Planned Financial Services understands that no one can correctly and consistently predict market direction, yet we can find the best talent, and with our combined knowledge, seek to create the opportunities our clients require.

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