"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb

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WIN/WIN +1 Approach

You place great value on the benefits you reap from your hard work, including the lifestyle you enjoy and the ability to provide for your family. Still, no matter how much you accumulate there is an increased satisfaction with your increasing net worth, yet it’s likely you still have financial concerns.

You have questions.

  • How much is enough?
  • How long will I be able to sustain my current lifestyle?
  • Can I afford to cut back or stop working altogether?
  • How do I live the life I desire now without jeopardizing my future goals?
  • Am I sacrificing too much time spent with family in an effort to provide for my family?
  • How do I reduce the pressure to keep up, without increasing concerns about falling behind or losing my wealth altogether?
  • Will opportunities for upward mobility continue to present themselves in the years ahead?

These are common concerns we hear from accomplished, hard-working, and humble individuals and families who have climbed the financial ladder of success. Many, regardless of net worth, feel tremendous pressure to maintain the standards of living they’ve established and grown accustomed to for their families, whom they value above all else.

They also worry about how a changing economy and employment market may impact future opportunities for upward mobility in their businesses and careers. At the same time, they’re also concerned that the very lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to build may be adversely impacting their health and personal relationships, or spoiling their children by creating a sense of entitlement.

We have answers.

Wealth is complicated. The more you accumulate, the more complex the issues encountered in managing both your wealth and your life become. You need answers and guidance from an experienced advisory team accustomed to dealing with these concerns, a team that can assist you in establishing and pursuing your goals with confidence and clarity, while serving as a driving force in helping you live the life you choose to its fullest potential with intention and purpose.

At Planned Financial Services, we understand that money isn’t everything. Quality of life is—because it brings purpose and meaning to today while inspiring tomorrow.

Your goals and priorities touch multiple areas of your life and encompass the need for financial independence and the desire to spend more time pursuing what you enjoy with the people you love. Win/Win +1 is a holistic approach to financial, investment, and life planning that recognizes your need for candor, concern, and competence. It’s based on the principle that by working together as a cohesive team focused on your goals, we can go farther than either of us could alone.

Learn how a holistic approach to Planning for Life can help you harness the candor, concern, and competence you seek from a team of advisors committed to helping you live the life you desire today and tomorrow.


You respect straight talk from an advisory team focused on your best interests—even when the answer may not be the one you want to hear.


You seek an empathetic advisor team that will help you overcome the challenges in your life, get to know you like family, and always take the extra step to help make your life easier and more fulfilling.


It’s difficult for any one individual to provide the simplicity and clarity you seek in today’s complex world. You require an entire team of professionals with diverse experience across multiple financial disciplines who continually educate themselves to bring you the level of relevant, objective, and actionable advice you require. That’s what you’ll find at Planned Financial Services.

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