Increasing Your Return on Life.®

Preserving and Growing Your Wealth

What you do with your money matters. How you go about protecting and growing your assets today is critical for determining how you will be able to use your money tomorrow. That’s why so many Planned Financial Services clients value our candid advice, caring guidance, and experience in providing:

  • Sound ideas and recommendations aligned with client values
  • Independent and objective advice
  • Objective research
  • The degree of control and assistance each client desires
  • A strategy for your investments built around what you need your money to do which will determine how hard we need your money to work.
  • An advisory team that understands the value you place on money is what matters not our value of money
  • Someone who understands that it’s your life and your money

Proactive Money Management

In today’s ever evolving financial landscape, change takes place at an accelerated rate. At Planned Financial Services, we continually monitor the markets as well as the political and economic climate, and consider how changing conditions might impact your money. Through our proactive approach to client money management and analysis, we help you to make clear, confident, and actionable decisions that support your long-term goals.

Managing Risk

Risk management is integral to helping protect and grow the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Planned Financial Services focuses on the delicate balance of protecting and growing your assets and employing portfolio strategies we believe to be prudent and sustainable.

  • We will support your efforts to grow your wealth and protect your principal by creating customized and sophisticated investment strategies combined with good old-fashioned common sense.
  • We continually review and monitor the financial markets for opportunities and risks that can impact your strategy.
  • Our innovative Riskalyze® system enables us to assess your comfort with risk compared with the level of risk in your investment portfolio to ensure both are in alignment.
  • Create an investment portfolio process that is driven by your financial plan so you know how hard your money needs to work to meet your goals without taking any unwarranted risks.
  • We utilize our extensive independent research and knowledge of monetary and fiscal policies, domestic and international issues, the changing tax landscape, geopolitical risks, and international markets to help minimize your risk exposure and take advantage of potential opportunities when they present themselves.

Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. No strategy can ensure success or protect against a loss.

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