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Ken Demands Timely Expertise

ken-mikitaniKen Mikitani

President and Weekend Boater

Monday through Friday, Ken leads his company of 150 employees to financial success, and on the weekends, he hits the lake. Ken doesn’t want to have to worry about his finances while fishing.

Ken requires a financial advisor adept in helping him manage both his business and personal assets—someone who understands what’s at stake, has a true appreciation and vested interest in the success of his business, and recognizes that his personal and business assets are inextricably tied. Most of all, he wants to work with someone who gets him and shares his values and entrepreneurial spirit.

When faced with a challenge, Ken’s not interested in hearing what can’t be done. He wants to know what can be done. While he values professional advice and candor, he’s not looking for cookie-cutter solutions. He needs thoughtful, well-crafted, tax-advantaged strategies customized to his needs to help further the ambitious goals he’s established for his business and his life.

Ken has a complicated financial picture. A pressing goal was to address excess income which he did not need but was paying a hefty income tax on. We ran an analysis to show how funding a cash balance plan can defer his income into a tax advantage program customized around his company demographics.

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